Squirrel head stuck in paper cup, watch this funny video


Connecticut: A small squirrel stuck with his head within a paper cup in Connecticut, US on Friday. Luckily, a man passing from the area saw him and informed the matter to Enfield Emergency Medical Services. The associates of group rushed to the spot and helped the little squirrel from the sultry condition. Though, they faced difficulty in catching the squirrel ahead of lend a handing to him.

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The incident has gone viral on the social media after it was posted by  Enfield Emergency Medical Services. It revealed six officers trying to hold the squirrel and remove it from the cup. Luckily, one officer catch the hands of squirrel and other made attempt to hold his leg to take him out. Later,  the squirrel was released easily.

Till now, it has received over half a million views

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“I laughed way too hard. I should feel bad for the poor little guy, but it was just too funny!” one commenter wrote. “Bless you! Every little life matters!” other stated.

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He's feeling a little nutty…Credit: Enfield EMS

Posted by The Telegraph on Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Video Source : Telegraph