Speeding car slams into scooter, 2 students die


Two girls died after a speeding car slammed into their scooter and run them over outside their school in Chaksu on Tuesday morning.

The mishap occurred at Chakshu Bypass on Namodia Road at 9.30 AM when Suman Sahu(21) and Puja Sawaria (22) were going to their college in Chakshu when a car slammed their bike from behind.

The two girls were abundantly bleeding from their heads and were hurried a private medical college in the range where they succumbed to their wounds. “The both were taken to hospital yet passed on a couple of hours after the fact, both were seriously harmed in the mishap. Their bike was totally crushed in the mischance. The driver of the car has been reserved,” the police official told media.

The police said that both lived in Chaksu and pursing their bachelor of education course (B.Ed) course. “They were going from their home to go to morning class at their college when the episode occurred,” the police official told media. The mishap made a feeling of panic in the region with a few villagers and college students the street and requesting equity for the two.

The cops educated the parents of the victims about the mishap who landed at the hospital. “The bodies were sent for the dissection after which we gave over them to their relatives,” the police said.

Suman and Puja were companions and lived in Chaksu, they were student of B.ed second year and had been get ready for several competitive exams. “The twosome used to go to colleges together. Indeed, even on Tuesday, both were travelling together when the mischance occurred,’ the police official said. The news of the mishap spread through the college and the students went by the hospital to know the state of their classmates.