Special reservations promised by KCR to Muslims & tribals as per their population ratio


HYDERABAD: Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao on Friday said that his legislature would order an uncommon enactment to give reservations to both Muslims and tribal groups according to their offer of the populace in the state. He likewise said that he would gather a bureau meeting on this subject took after by an exceptional session of the state Legislative Assembly .

The CM's certification of upgrading the portion for Muslims and tribal groups came amid a meeting where the commissions on booking for Muslims and tribal groups presented their reports to the go vernment. The T Sudhir Commission on Muslim reservation and C Chellappa Commission on ST reservation presented their separate reports to KCR at the main pastor's camp office on Friday.

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CM said that there was a need to casing laws on the lines of Tamil Nadu to give reservation to Muslims in Telangana in view of their populace proportion. According to the SC's perception, the aggregate quantum of reservation must be topped at half. Notwithstanding, in Tamil Nadu, reservation surpasses 60%.

"It is a sacred commitment to give reservation to weaker areas in extent to their populace. We will consider reservation to Muslims and STs in view of their populace, taking after the Tamil Nadu model," KCR said. The CM included Telangana has more individuals from underprivileged areas as far as populace and the state merits an exceptional example of portion framework and that the past governments in AP had pegged bookings for these gatherings at 6%.

While the state government is effectively considering to define another approach to upgrade the quantum of reservation, it needs to sit tight for the SC's decision since a request identified with the issue is pending under the watchful eye of the court.

In Telangana, Muslims represent 12.4 for every penny of the state's 3.5 crore populace and tribal groups structure 9.8%. With the aggregate standard of 50 for each penny in the state, at present, Muslims have four for each penny reservation.And STs are entitled six for every penny, which is a piece of the 21% reservation given to SCs and STs. The retrogressive groups are qualified for 25% reservation.

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