Special Circumstances In Which Women Can Do Death Rituals


New Delhi.  Hindus remember their ancestors in the paternally opportunity for salvation of ancestors in certain circumstances, women also have the right to lawfully do the death rituals.Sanskrit saying “श्राद्धयां इदम् श्राद्धम” meaning the rituals done for our dead ancestors with full faith is only known as Memorial . Dharmasindhu including Garuda Purana, and Manu scripts also offer women the right to perform death rituals.

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Shankaracharyas has also told this thing with rationalization so that the memorial tradition goes on and we never ever forget our ancestors. Funeralscan be also be performed by the women. Garuda Purana says that in the absence husband, father or any male member in the act of memorial, then the woman is entitled to perform the rituals.

If there is an elderly widow woman in the house then she has the first right to perform the rituals of memorial  before the young woman's present in the family. According to the scriptures, if there is no eldest or youngest son, oir even if there is no son at all, the  grandson, nephew, student are eligible to cast and rituals. Ashwin Krishna in Indian culture is dedicated to fathers side. In the Ramayana Valmiki there comes a context in which Dasarath gets soul salvation when the death rituals are performed by Sita.

During the exile, Rama, Lakshman and Sita went to the GAYA Dham to perform memorial rituals. According to legends the river Falgu is cursed by Sitaji angry and therefore the water in that is nearly nil. This is the reason why on Sitakund situated on the bank of Falgu River the rituals are performed with the sand in the absence of water.

According to Garuda Purana as person should follow absolute celibacy in person, pure conduct and should consider sacred. It is claimed that during the New Moon day ourvdead ancestors approach and knock our door in the form of air. Asking for performing the death rituals  and willing to get satisfied.

Dr Acharya Atma Ram Gautam of Research and Cultural Foundation, of the Vedic rituals training center referring to mythology and scriptures said, devoutly done memorial rituals satisfies and keeps our dead ancestors happy throughout the year leads to longevity, child, money, knowledge, happiness and salvation.

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