South Korean Parliament Endorses New Prime Minister


South Korea’s parliament on Wednesday affirmed Lee Nak-Yon as the nation’s new prime minister, making ready for President Moon Jae-In to supplant priests selected by his ousted predecessor Park Geun-Hye.

The National Assembly voted 164 to 20 for Lee, a journalist-turned politician, as new PM, in the midst of a blacklist by the conservative restriction Liberty Korea Party (LKP).

Each of the 107 lawmakers of the LKP remained away as the motion to support the PM chosen one was put to a vote.

Lee has been tenacious by claims, among different charges, that his wife utilized a false adress in 1989 to get appointed to a school in Seoul as an educator.

Under South Korea’s solid presidential framework, the prime ministerial employment is to a great extent typical and formal.

With the new PM taking office, the left-inclining president can proceed with introducing his own bureau to replace the traditionalist line-up selected by Park.

Park has been denounced and captured over a corruption scandal that saw a huge number of protesters taking to the streets.

Moon has as of now named ministers for key posts, including the leader of the nation’s spy agency, the foreign minister and economic ministerial posts.