South India’s Treasure: Poovar Island


Poovar is situated in the Trivandrum district of Kerala state, South India. This village is almost at the southern tip of Trivandrum while the next village, Pozhiyoor, which marks the end of Kerala. Poovar is mainly a tourist place. It lies very close to a natural harbor Vizhinjam. The waterway of Poovar connects with the sea during high tides. The 56 km Neyyar River passes through Neyyattinkara taluk into the Arabian Sea near Poovar.  Trivandrum International Airport is just 30 km away from Poovar Island. Whereas its nearest Railway Stations are Trivandrum Central -30 km, Nemom – 20 km, Neyyattinkara – 10 km. Poovar also have harbor service which is 14 km away in Vizhinjam 14 km.

Image result for poovar islandThis place gives an invitation to cherish the culture and arts with a dash of scenery. Come and stay at Poovar Island. Tourists can opt for the boat rides; it cruises through the Neyyarriver surrounded by vegetation on both sides. This view is very glorious and gives a feeling of peace. The ambiance is so comforting that even a whisper would be an infringement. Poovar also provides an alluring sight of a beach just across the island. It feels like heavens may open at any time. The beach seems to be a tranquil and no-litter zone. All the beauties of nature can be found in this place. Poovar lies at the end of backwaters and sea and a river, which meet into that sea. Stretch of beach which separates it from the backwaters is kind of blessing for this place.

But the beach does not end here. Chowara peters out 12 kms south at Poovar where the river Neyyar joins the sea is another beautiful beach to visit. Thus, a unique offering of Poovar includes the extraordinary confluence of river, lake, beach and sea. Pushed away on the southern tip of Kerala in the purlieus of Trivandrum (25 kms) away is literally makes this place a ‘Little paradise’.

Image result for poovar islandThe island’s name is connected with monarchs too. A powerful local merchant MoosaMarikkar provided shelter to Raja Marthanda Ravi Verma. With a carpet of red look, the flowers that had fallen from kovala trees covered the river Neyyar. A picturesque scene described by the king as ‘Pooaar’ or the stream of flowers. An apt description that even today succinctly defines the island of Poovar.

These beautiful maroon balls start drowning into the sea, as the night starts melting. The waves gently lap around our feet. Isn’t it romantic?

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Poovar is basically a fishermen’s village. It is a very interesting experience when tourists have conversation with the native people. The coconut and palm trees sway to greet the visitors. Throughout the island, coconut trees and invigorating sea breeze thread their way among beautiful landscape. At times fringes of the island and birds flap their wings and fly for their daily chores. The chirping and warbling of the avian population provide food tourists ears and souls. This luxurious aroma is the magic of Poovar!


Vizhinjam, a fishing village, is located near the much hyped and congested ‘Kovalam’. This tiny village has one of the ancient rock-cut temples in Kerala. 13 kms from Poovar, it has a niche cave on a boulder which encloses a one-celled shrine with a loose sculpture of VinamdharaDakshinamoorthy. The outer wall has unfinished reliefs of Siva and Parvati in dancing poses. These sculptures date back to 8th century. History says that this place was the ancient capital of Ay kings who ruled Kerala centuries ago.

Image result for VizhinjamThe vizhinjamharbour-

Vizhinjamharbour is close to international sea route a state-of-the-art port is being developed at this place. Boats bobbing at a distance, a beautiful view of the bay, the minars of a mosque and a poorly maintained place; it is how this beach looks like.  But according to the locals this place is not only dirty but also unsafe in the evenings. A beautiful shrine dedicated to Lord Krishna is miss-not-to-see spot here. As the legend goes Prince AnizhamThirunalMarthandaVarma when fleeing from his enemies was saved by Lord Krishna in the guise of a boy by asking him to hide in the hollow of a jackfruit tree. The remnant of the ammachipilavu, or mother jackfruit, is still preserved near the western entrance of the temple.

Image result for The vizhinjam harbourAt this place, the flapping of the birds and the plop of the paddle are the only sounds to be heard. Most of the channels (narrow and wide) are water boulevards with a green canopy and a sun sneaking through the thick foliage.

Uninvited rains-

Rains are unpredictable in Kerala not to speak of an island like Poovar. If you are much concerned about your clothes and skin then carry an umbrella or wear a raincoat advises our boatman. But the showers are intermittent. Rain is not a reason to worry as it stops within a short time.

Image result for poovar island rainingAny trip to Thiruvananthapuram would be incomplete without a visit to the Padmanabaswamy temple. Even an atheist will enjoy a visit to this shrine. It is maintained by the royal descendants. The temple is immaculate and the sculptures are noteworthy. The AnanthaPadmanabha, which is other feature reclining on a five-hooded serpent, could be seen only through three separate openings.

Poovar – Nature’s Luxury-

Poovar’s is a rare environment and a good balance between ecology and luxury. It offers the best panoramic view of the natural wonder. Enveloped by the most serene backwaters and opening out to the sea and a dream golden beach.

Relax and take a stroll in the hues with shades of green dotted with brilliant flowers. Or do nothing and just let your heart hear the sound of waves and the babble of the brook.

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