Soumya rape and murder, convict’s death sentence cancelled by Supreme Court


NEW DELHI: In 2011, 23-year-old Soumya was purportedly pushed off a train in Kerala by a man who bounced after her, hit her with a stone and afterward assaulted her in her injured state. The assailant, Govindachamy, won't hang, the Supreme Court controlled today, decreasing his sentence to seven years in prison. 

A most optimized plan of attack court had held Govindachamy blameworthy of assault and kill and sentenced him to death. The Kerala High Court affirmed the sentence. The Supreme Court, listening to Govindachamy's request, said today that there is confirmation of assault yet insufficient of homicide. 

Soumya, who worked in a shopping center in Ernakulam, was returning home via train when she was assaulted in the ladies' compartment. Govindachamy, a serial guilty party from Tamil Nadu, aggressor her and attempted to ransack her. 

The arraignment told the court that Soumya was pushed off the moving train when she battled Govindachamy. She was discovered oblivious close to the track. She passed on five days after the fact in doctor's facility. The top court today said there is no proof that she was diverted from the train and did not hop off. At her home in Kerala's Thrissur, her mom separated as journalists requesting that her react to the court request. "He did this to my little girl. Also, he won't be hanged…My heart is broken. This while I thought we will get equity. Nothing," she cried.            The family censured attorneys for messing up the case.