SONY EXPERIA X vs LG G5: Are these android phones worth it?


Recently Sony and LG has launched their new smartphones. Sony’s Xperia X is priced at 46,990 while LG’s G5 cost is Rs.21,490.


Talking about the Xperia X, the one big improvement is that there is no glass on the rear, and the new brushed aluminium finish helps with the grip.

G5 has a metal body; it has bigger body and camera. LG’s G5 will cost more—the battery module is priced at Rs.6, 500, while the 360 Cam costs Rs.21,490.


Sony has Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 chip. This is paired with 3 GB RAM, and runs a relatively uncluttered custom interface over Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow).

LG has cut no corners when it comes to performance—the G5 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chip and 4 GB RAM. This is the latest and most powerful processor available in smartphones.


The Xperia X’s 5-inch, IPS LCD screen has a Full HD resolution (1,920×1, 080). It is compact, vivid, and sharp and has fairly acceptable viewing angles. The red colours are a bit overbearing at times, and the screen itself doesn’t seem accurately calibrated.

The G5’s 5.3-inch IPS LCD screen has the Quad HD resolution (2,560×1,440). This is one of the brightest smartphone screens we have seen in a while.


The Xperia X’s 23-megapixel camera is fantastic in good light environments, with crisp and detailed photos.

LG’s 16-megapixel camera reproduces natural colours, the laser-auto focus system does its job quickly every time you focus on an object.


While the Sony Xperia X manages to offer a rather consistent user experience, the pricing seems unwarranted. The LG G5 also struggles in comparison, because the modular bit and the latest specification aside, the overall experience isn’t really superior to the Galaxy S7.