Sonu Nigam disguised as an old ‘Roadside Ustaad’ charming clueless passers


Mumbai.  The bollywood singer Sonu Nigam who has won the hearts of masses with his melodious voice disguised as an old ‘roadside ustaad’ experimenting to capture the blissful effect of music on people’s daily life, in an online video.

The video, titled The Roadside Ustaad, was released on Culture Machine’s digital channel Being Indian on Tuesday sees the reaction of the of the pedestrians as they stop by to listen the melodious voice of the old man, however not realizing it’s Sonu.

“For the first time, I was not me. The make-up was so good and authentic that people standing so close to me, couldn’t recognize.”

As the Sonu speaks in the video, he tells about what touched him the most, “My most memorable moment during the act is of a boy who came up and holding my hands just asked, Uncle, did you have breakfast?” As he held my hand, he quietly slipped Rs 12 into my palm. I felt like I just have made lakh of money.. I’ve asked my office to frame the money.”

In the video, he is seen with a harmonium that was the same his parents bought when he was born “It was all so humbling. And from such an unfamiliar zone, I managed to procure something. Gratitude, grace and appreciation for what we have,” he said.