Sonia Gandhi returned to India after health check up


NEW DELHI: Congress president Sonia Gandhi, who was away abroad for a “health check-up” since early March, returned to a politically much-changed India today.

Sonia was joined by her son Rahul, who flew out of India March 16 to escort her back. The party didn’t officially say where Sonia went for her check up, but some sources told she went to the US.

The debilitated Congress boss didn’t battle in the February-March Assembly races in five states. Nor was she here on vote-numbering day.

The Congress president was hence away when the BJP returned to control in Uttar Pradesh, in a thundering avalanche triumph, additionally winning Uttarakhand and figuring out how to cobble together coalitions headed by it in Goa and in Manipur.

To be sure, Sonia’s also back to see the Congress back in power in Punjab where it won a convincing victory.

Sonia has been out of action for much of the time since she took ill during a roadshow in Varanasi last August. At the time, she was flown in to Delhi and admitted to the Army’s Research and Referral Hospital before being moved to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. Gandhi was again admitted to Sir Ganga Ram in November for viral fever and then discharged a few days later.