Sonam Kapoor disclosed why she avoids parties


Actress Sonam Kapoor has recently disclosed in interview that why she avoids parties and why alcohol is a big no for her.

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Sonam said in a interview with Huffington post, "I have never dated anybody from the industry, never had a scandalous affair with someone, I avoid parties and I cannot touch alcohol."

"No, I can't do alcohol. I'm literally curled up in my bed with a book by 10 in the night almost every other day," she added.

When asked her about scandal-free career to her bodyguard and publicist, Sonam asserted, "I cannot imagine life without them, we've been with each other since I started out as an actor. They know everything. And they're good at controlling it because very rarely does something about my personal life come out in the papers."

The actress is all set for her upcoming film “Veer Di Wedding.”The film will feature Kareena Kapoor and Swara Bhaskar in the lead roles.

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