Sonam Kapoor Birthday Special: “No Shame in unveiling my age”


Mumbai: A beautiful actress and a Bollywood queen Sonam Kapoor turned 31 on Thursday.

She said, “I am not ashamed of unveiling my age. I am 31 and I say it. I don’t have any shame in revealing my age”, Sonam told the media on her birthday.

Sonam played the significant role in her movie “Neerja” and she was very much appreciated by the audience as well as film industry. She stated, “Every year is rocking for me and every year is getting better. I never consider anything good or bad. I like to live in the moment.”

The “Saawariya” actress had a rocking birthday and she said, “Working on my birthday is very auspicious for me. Thank you for being supportive and being there for me. I hope people enjoy my work. Do good for people and do good for the world”.

The fashionista further added, “We will be announcing a project day after tomorrow, which is new film.”