Sonakshi Sinha: Was born to do ‘Akira’


 Actress Sonakshi Sinha is all set for her upcoming movie “Akira”. She says that it felt amazing to carry a film on her shoulder a film she feels she was born to do.

During the trailer launch, Sonakshi said, "It feels more than great carrying out Akira. It feels amazing, it feels that I was waiting for this moment and I was born to do this. It's been a lot of hardwork for me to look the way I've looked in the film."

Movie ‘Akira’ is directed by A. R. Murugadoss. She has also worked with Sonakshi earlier in "Holiday", which was a great success at the box-office.

About Murugadoss, Sonakshi said: "I really want to thank Murugadoss sir, who has worked with the best action heroes in our country. He trusted me with this kind of a film. He's a fantastic director to work with. I was pleasantly surprised when he came to me with this film and he said that we'll turn it around and make it a women-centric, hard-hitting film about this girl's character."

In the movie, Sonakshi’s role is such that “she comes to Mumbai from Jodhpur, where she gets into a tiff with the goons of the college she enrolls in. The story is about her fight to come out of a case, where the college goons, a corrupt cop played by Anurag Kashyap and another played by Konkona Sen play crucial components.”

"It has got a couple of tracks, there's Anurag's track, there is Konkona's track and my track and they are all interconnected in some way so it's a really cool Murugadoss style thriller.” Sonakshi said.

She further added, "I love to watch action films and be a part of them, so I was more than happy to do it. When I narrated the story to mom and dad, they too liked it because it was a very good, gripping story, a story of a single girl's struggle and fight. Overall the role is very powerful, so they were also very happy and there was no reason for me to say no to this film.”

The movie "Akira" will release on September 2.