Some Weird Facts About Men


Here Are Some Strange Facts About Men :

1 Men have fluctuating hormonal changes similar to woman’s monthly cycle that can cause anxiety, frustration and other emotional behavior.

2 Men are actually more emotionally affected by relationship troubles than women, they just do a better job of hiding it.

3 85% of men mistake a woman’s friendly behavior with flirting.

4 Men hate asking for help and will avoid taking any help as much as they can.  

5 90% of man die while having sex, and were later found to be cheating on their girlfriends and wives.

6 Men’s brain are 10% larger than women’s brains. But that doesn’t make them any smarter.

7 Men  who post a lot of selfies are more likely to be psychopaths, according to research.

8 Men who kiss their wives before leaving for work get into fewer car accidents.

9 Unfaithful men tend to be have lower IQs.

10 Men  who help out with the housework, also tend to have more sex.