Somali: Nearly 25 people dead outside hotel in Mogadishu


At Least 23 people died and 30 others wounded in a suicide truck bomb attack that took place outside hotel in Mogadishu, Somalia.  The blast occurred when a gun fight was in process with security forces.

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As per Capt. Mohamed Hussein, nearly 30 people were evacuated from the Nasa-Hablod hotel.  During the attack, three of the five attackers lost their lives.

About 350 people died in a Mogadishu street suicide bombing that took place two weeks back. The assault was considered as the ‘worst-ever attack’ in the olden times of Somalia.

It is believed that the attack was held by Islamic extremist group Al-Shabab.  The reports stated that the terrorists were within the hotel.

A Observer stated, “I think they were al-Shabab fighters who were trying to storm the hotel.”

Somalia President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed affirmed the latest attack was intended to inspire terror in Somalis who combined following the October 14 attack.

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Al-Shabab attacks triggered anxiety as the African Union force working in Somalia is ready to leave in 2020.