Soldier turned into a thief, police recovered materials of worth 60 million


Jhansi railway station, the state police have detained a soldier on the allegation of stealing. AC coach of the train was robbing valuable diamonds from the jewelry. Diamonds of worth 60 million were ceased from him, police have started the recovery of goods. Babu Sharma is a soldier in the 33rd PAC and a resident in Rajgarh Dhirendra at Jhansi's Prem Nagar. He felt bad about his low pay scale by the police department, followed by the greed to become rich, the young PAC began to steal.

Wore uniforms during the robbery

He was found in uniform during the mugging. He used to be with her wife during the robbery, which abolishes all the doubts. He began to steal in the AC coaches of trains as the people travelling in it are supposed to be rich. He used to rob the train when they are supposed to stop at the platform and sometimes he had to steal while the train was moving.

Kirit Rathod Railway Superintendent of Police said incidents of thefts in train have been heard continuously. During the study, a uniformed guard was seen every time in the CCTV footage. After this ten-member team was set up at the railway station and the culprit was arrested. Police have started taking the necessary actions.