So how did Sonam react to Abhijeeet Tweet


Abhijeet, the famed singer from the 90s, whose recent claim to fame was to call people sleeping on the pavements dogs while showing his support for Salman Khan during the hit and run case verdict, went on a rant once again on Twitter. And this time Sonam Kapoor decided to take him down.

Now you all must be aware how Shobhaa De is getting trolled for her Tweet which says, “Goal of Team India at the Olympics: Rio jao. Selfies lo. Khaali haat wapas aao. What a waste of money and opportunity.” Of course, the lady thinks she has the right to comment on what athletes are doing at Rio Olympics for reasons best known to her. But then India is a free nation with a lot of emphasis given to freedom of speech and so, women like her get away by saying anything. So you would think but not really. Social Media today makes sure such people get tried on these platforms as well.

She got trolled too and one of the trollers was Abhijeet who is known for crossing the line while putting up his emotions on such public platform. So he shares the tweet of De and writes, “Unstoppable shameless #बेशर्म बूढ़ीयाs .. abusing and cursing their own motherland, own children, own talents ..” None of the words used surprised us but it did rattle Sonam Kapoor a bit and she called him a hypocrite on Twitter. Of course, Abhijeet was ready with his rebuttal and wrote, “Yes @sonamakapoor we all r hypocrites bt not the Khandani FILMI type hypocrites nor page3, we r proud of our players.” Ahem ahem… So how did Sonam react to this? With many emojis.