Snapchat and Twitter gets upgraded feature for UI changes on Android


Two of the most popular Android apps, Twitter & Snapchat, are now updated to provide a better and smoother functionality on the supported Android devices. The updates comes up with an upgrade in the user experience as well as a bit of functionality in these apps.

Owing to more widespread content brands hopping onto the Snapchat platform, the Discover page now has been redesigned for the messaging service.

 Snapchat has now progressed on from the tiny circles with publisher names and now is redesigned with a more detailed layout featuring a rectangular block, which comes up with the name of the publication, an image and the title of a story.

Earlier, stories could be posted from various publications by tapping the Discover icons which looks small and round. One can also simply subscribe to publications in Discover, by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.


Another noteworthy change comes with the addition of steering buttons at the bottom of the app screen. The buttons are a timesaving feature, could be used to jump between multi app screens with ease.



The new Twitter update also makes it easy to navigate in the micro blogging platform for the apps in Android.

With this update, Android Tweeps will add a tab bar on head of the app screen. Swiping right and left helps users to jump between tabs like Home, Notifications, Messages and more. Going to the extreme left will let users to change the account settings, where a user can change their profile pictures, update personal info, add to lists, and to change the app setting for personalization .


A variable ‘Compose Tweet’ button has also been added to the bottommost right corner of the app. The button rests at the same position even when you flick through different tabs, so now users can compose tweets from any app screen.