SMS Hospital sets an outpatient record in September


Jaipur: September has turned out to be the month of woes for Sawai Man Singh (SMS) Hospital, which saw a registration of about 2.6 lakh patients in the outpatient department (OPD). This is an OPD record for the hospital compared to seven previous Septembers.

In June, the OPD had seen about 2.3 lakh patients. The hospital administration claimed that it was a common phenomenon. "Every year in September, OPD registrations increase significantly because of vector-borne diseases that make their appearance after rains," said Dr Ajit Singh, additional superintendent, SMS Hospital. However, officials claimed that the figure could be much higher as the hospital had set up an additional OPD for seasonal diseases, which has not been incorporated into the total figure.

Dr Singh said that the hospital had two medicine units for patients. The hospital set up an additional unit in the medicine department, apart from one seasonal disease OPD in the hospital. Last year, the OPD regis tered a total of 25.54 lakh patients, with September alone accounting for 2.56 lakh. This comes to 10% of the total cases registered in the OPD for 2015.Apart from OPD, doctors are busy at the inpatient department with treating patients for seasonal diseases in September. Ninety-five cases of dengue, 39 cases of malaria, 159 cases of scrub typhus were admitted to the hospital in September for treatment.

"Not a single patient died of dengue in the hospital in September," Dr Singh said. In August, the hospital admitted 28 patients with dengue, 22 with malaria and 48 with scrub typhus. Of this, five patients with scrub typhus died in August. However, the number of dengue (95) cases admitted to the hospital in September this year was less in comparison to September 2015 (138 dengue cases).