Smriti Irani hits back at Bihar Education Minister with ‘Aunty National’ sermon



New Delhi : Smriti Irani has recounted her experiences and furnished a checklist of her achievements as a union minister, In a long essay on ‘women empowerment’,breaking the glass ceiling and how women are treated in the country.

The trigger for the minister's post on Facebook is her spat on Twitter two days ago with Bihar education minister Ashok Choudhary of the Congress, when she took umbrage at his adreesing her as “Dear Smritiji”. Mr Choudhary had later "mumbled apologies," the minister notes, calling it her "near Jerry Maguire like moment."

A debate raged over whether the Bihar politician's tweet to Ms Irani was sexist after the minister asked Mr Choudhary if it was good form to address a woman as "Dear."

In her Facebook post, Ms Irani talks about rebelling at every stage of her life and career against women being told to ignore attempts to humiliate them. "Why not respond? Why zip it? The standard answer such a question begets is 'It is not worth it. Nuksaan tumhara hoga, ladke ka kuchh nahi bigadega (you will lose, not the boy)".
She has listed her achievements as a famous TV star, as a politician starting from the grassroots up and fighting the hard electoral battles – taking on Congress heavyweight Kapil Sibal in Delhi's  Chandni Chowk and later Rahul Gandhi in his bastion Amethi – and talks about attacks on her on being appointed education minister. "You represent your Nation in the International Parliamentary Union, get unanimously elected to represent the Asia Pacific region, become part of the drafting committee on the Syrian crisis and yet some "intellectual" says "anpad" the minute you are given the opportunity to serve as HRD Minister."

She talks about being trolled, about inefficient colleagues ganging up "with other boys in the club" and says "the successful women always tell you that they continue to crack the whip."