Six Infants died in Ajmer Government Hospital


Ajmer: 6 infants die due to the negligence of the doctors and hospital management in a single night at a government hospital in Ajmer. After the incident, the hospital has trying to deny any negligence on the part of the doctors and nursing staff. 

The first death in the pediatric ward of Jawaharlal Nehru hospital was reported at about 7 pm on Saturday followed by another in the night. Four more newborns died later on Sunday. The hospital said the infants died of septicaemia. Other newborns in the ward were shifted elsewhere to save them from infection.

“All the infants were not more than five days old, and three had been admitted on Saturday,” said Prof B S Karnawat, head of the paediatrics department at Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital, Ajmer. “All of them were referred cases and were in critical condition. They were weak and weighed less than 2.5 kg. Hence, they were susceptible to other diseases and infection. They died due to septicaemia and had respiratory problems. One child was already on ventilator,” he said.