Six arrested for ATM loot in Jaisalmer


Jaipur: Police arrested six people and recovered Rs 17 lakh in connection with an ATM theft of Rs 25 lakh in Nachna area of Jaisalmer. The ATM belongs to Sate Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur (SBBJ). No stone is being left unturned to recover the remaining amount. The theft was masterminded by two sons of a sanitation staff. SP Gaurav Yadav said that on the night of August 12, unidentified thieves took away the ATM machine.

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Taking serious note of the incident, a special team was formed and ordered to arrest the thieves. The team inspected the spot, examined CCTV footage and searched for thieves at various places using modern equipment and methods.

Further SP said that during investigation, the team found activities of Mahaveer, son of a cleaning staff Udaram, suspicious. Both the team and police kept close watch on him and collected all information which revealed that other five persons Kailash, Shivlal, Sirajuddin, Kalu and Prem Prakash were in touch with Mahaveer. After thorough interrogation they confessed to the crime. SP said during investigation Kailash told that all were preparing for last two months in his village after his cousin, Mahaveer, suggested of the ATM loot.

On August 12, Mahaveer found out how much money the ATM contains and made it dysfunctional. Yadav said that, Kailash revealed during interrogation that he kept the money with relatives on the basis of which it was recovered. Some money was offered to gods and goddesses and distributed among poor at Ramdrora.

SP Gaurav Yadav said that in 12.8.16 night unidentified thieves took away the atm machine containing lakhs of rupees. Meanwhile 6 people were arrested and rs. 17 lakh recovered Investigation is on.