Being single doesn’t mean being available says Shruti Haasan


On-screen character Shruti Haasan, who is presently busy with the preparations of her next with father Kamal Haasan has always been fiercely protective of her own life. The on-screen character who has been in the industry for a long while now has never adhered to set labels.

In the recent video collaboration with Zoom TV, Shruti opens up about how ‘Being Single’ is looked down upon in the society. The performing artist additionally includes that there is hypocrisy in being single too-  it is okay to be single if you are a boy but a girl? Addressing the stigma that comes connected with being single, Shruti close haters in style as well as parts with a valuable message that it takes strength to make a choice to be single, and one should not be afraid to make that choice.

Watch the full video here: