Singer Ariijt Singh Might Never Sing For Salman Khan’s Movie!


Singer Arijit Singh will never sing any song in Salman Khan’s movie due to the Sultan’s controversy.

A letter of apology had been made by Arijit Singh on his Facebook account before movie Sultan was release. The reports also disclosed that Salman was unhappy with Arijit Singh and hence he had replaced Arijit's song in the movie 'Jag Ghoomeya' with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan's voice. 

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According to reports, “Arijit Singh has decided not to be apologetic to Salman anymore, and never to playback for him in his career! Yes! Turns out that Salman Khan was in no mood to accept Arijit's apology and had anyway gone ahead and replaced his song in the movie. And now reportedly even Arijit Singh is in no mood to reconcile with Bhai and has decided to not to sing for him ever again. Looks like it's all for the good after all!”