Singer Abhijeet faces dilemma for harassing journalist


Famous Singer Abhijeet is facing controversy for abusing journalist on Twitter.  The incident came into limelight when he called the murder of a techie in Chennai, a case of ‘love jihad’ and suggested that her attacker was Muslim.

Many people including female journalist on Twitter said that he must be arrested for unnecessarily mending communal hatred.  He lashed out with abuses and called her “an old woman” in his invective filled rant.

The singer’s tweets were “just obscenities and profanities”, the journalist said. An FIR would be filed against him, she said.

“He has been calling me all sorts of loaded, sexually nasty terms. It all started because he has been tweeting this information in the Chennai case. And I called that out and said that such things can start off riots,” she said.

She further added, “I am going to file an FIR and I hope that police will take the required action. I very strongly feel that enough is enough. We as journalists and women have been targeted enough on Twitter. I am tired of these sexual innuendos we all face.”