Simple dishes for evening snacks


Food: These are good to enjoy as evening snacks with a cup of Tea or can be had as a party snack. You have just entered the most exotic section of the Indian cuisine – that's the Tea Time Snacks.  Snacks, sweets and street food are very synonymous to Indian cuisine. Through this section you will also learn to cook the delicacies available on the streets and homes of many regions and homes across India with focus on healthy cooking techniques and preserving nutrition.

Milk poha

Easy healthy, quick and no cook snack or breakfast recipe using poha or flattened rice. Poha or flattened rice also known as beaten rice is made by parboiling the paddy or rice with husk and then steamed and pressed to make flakes. 

Soya pakora

Soya chunks, soya nuggets or meal maker are the different names to textured vegetable protein. These soya pakoda are very easy to make for a tea time or evening snack. No chopping onions or any other veggies as we do for other pakora recipes like onion pakora or mixed veg.

Veg sandwich  

A simple mixed vegetable sandwich for breakfast or evening snack. I have made this sandwich without a grill, toaster or oven, just made it on a pan in the simplest way. 

Bread pakora

 Potato stuffed bread pakoda is a tea time snack and a popular street food of India. One gets to see these even in the tiffin centers & restaurants across India. These are made similar to the bread rolls or bread bonda but not the same. 

Veg noodles

A quick dinner idea for busy week nights. Making this healthy & delicious vegetable noodles is super easy, takes only 20 mins to make 2 servings. This also goes great with a saucy Indo chinese side like gobi manchurian, veg manchurian, chilli mushroom etc.

uttapam recipe

 A South Indian breakfast food that is similar to the dosa but made thick like pancake with different toppings. Usually onions, tomatoes, carrots, green chilies, coriander leaves are used for topping. Uthappam is crisp on the bottom with soft and fluffy top & slightly roasted veggies.