Simon O’Kane, from Yorkshire Puts Up Wife On Sale On eBay


LONDON: In counterfeit aggravation with his significant other’s “unsympathetic mentality”, a Briton put his better half available to be purchased on eBay in an advertisement demonstrated on a promotion for utilized autos. The joke, however, was on him. Inside hours, the offers hit about 66,000 pounds and his better half pronounced that she needed to kill him.

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Everything began last Wednesday evening, when 33-year-old Simon O’Kane, an occupant of Yorkshire’s Wakefield, returned home and said he was not feeling too well.

His significant other, 27-year-old Leandra, a mother of two, clearly wasn’t abundantly concerned. She “said I was taking on too much work and was fundamentally simply whimpering at me… I thought, ‘right I’m going to put you available to be purchased’,” he later said.

The telecom engineer went ahead to post a photo of Leandra on the closeout site nearby a promotion titled “utilized spouse”, specifying his purposes behind offering her and the advantages and disadvantages of the “buy.”

The post, read: “Available to be purchased one spouse. Not new has been utilized but rather still got some great miles left in her. Explanation behind offering… I’ve had my fill and feel like there must be somebody me (goodness dear God please let there be).

He highlighted her “OK bodywork and abilities in the kitchen”.

“Great focuses: Body work and paint work still fit as a fiddle and has a few aptitudes in the kitchen,” he composed. “Terrible focuses: Often makes this commotion that can’t be hushed unless you arrange fresh out of the box new sparkling parts of metal,” he included.

“Once in a while them [sic] abilities in the kitchen result in you winding up in healing center. All things considered not an awful model for the year, I’m certain some fortunate person will get loads of utilization. Offers welcome, may consider a section trade for a more youthful model,” he composed.

He was shocked when the offers hit 65,880 pounds inside two days and his significant other, said she “needed to kill him” when she found what he did the following day.

“I was totally seething – I needed to slaughter him. Everybody at work saw it and were ignoring their heads. Not just did he put me available to be purchased yet he utilized such a terrible photograph,” Leandra, a magnificence specialist, said. “On the off chance that eBay hadn’t brought the posting down, who knows the amount I could have gotten.”

Simon said they got a couple “pervy” messages from potential purchasers requesting that see more photographs, however said the vast majority of the reactions were entertaining.

“I was baffled the posting was brought down, principally in light of the fact that I needed to perceive how high it would go, yet it was for a snicker so I wasn’t really gutted,” he included.

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