Sikhs Of America Planning To Join Army After New Rule


Washington: Sikhs in America are currently wanting to join the US Army in substantial numbers after it issues another direction on religious freedom to oblige individuals who brandish turbans and facial hair for religious reasons.

In a noteworthy move to empower all religious minorities in America, including the Sikhs, the US Army a week ago issued new controls on religious freedom to suit individuals who wear facial hair, turbans or hijabs.

The new arrangement of tenets permits religious facilities to be endorsed at the detachment level. Already it was at the level of Secretary.

"This is a memorable day for Sikhs in the US," said Rajwant Singh secretary of the Guru Gobind Singh Foundation, which sorted out an occasion to praise the US Army declaration in such manner.

Sikhs are currently wanting to join the US Army in substantial numbers, he said.

"This is an all around planned approach change that the Department of Defense and the White House made for the Sikh people group since it adjusts to the favorable event of the 350th birth-commemoration of Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Sikh Guru, who showed us to go to bat for your identity and work for the religious opportunity of all," Singh said.

Sikhs have been crusading for a long while to get the limitations evacuated and we were squeezing the White House to push the adjustments in the disappearing days of the Obama Administration.

"We are appreciative to President Barack Obama and the Secretary of Army Eric Fanning for ensuring that these limitations against religious articles are expelled. Sikhs are excited and there are numerous youngsters who are enthusiastic to serve. This will give a chance to individuals of confidence who are steadfast and energetic Americans to serve this nation with pride and without trading off their confidence," Singh said.