These signs shows that you need a haircut

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Do you remember the last time when you got a haircut? Well, we all tend to become lazy especially when it comes to a haircut. Not cutting your hair will only damage your hair even more. The first step to restoration of your hair comes with a lovely haircut. Here are the signs that your hair needs a trim or more.

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Unusual hair-fall- If your hair keep falling in the shower or on your pillow, that means your hair is weak and brittle and therefore needs a whole lot of care.

Uneven shape- When your hair starts loosing it’s shape, that’s when you need to visit your stylist and get it restyled.

Too many split ends- Chop the dead ends or split ends of your hair.Wrap your ends around your finger. If it’s smooth you’re good to go. But if your hair looks more porcupine-like, then it’s probably time to chop them.

Falling flat- If your hair loses volume it usually tends to fall flat this means you need to revive it with a haircut to get it back to shape.
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Tangles easy- The long hair tangle quite easily, especially when they gets damaged. The detangling process is quite harsh on the follicles and hair tends to break when too much force is applied. This gives you the sign for the need of good haircut!


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