Significance of wearing blue stone!


Blue Neelam is the fastest growing gem in nine planets. It is also called Sori Ratna. It is found in Kashmir, Sri Lanka, Russia, America etc. The best sapphire is found in Sri Lanka. The color of this gem is blue like the peacock’s neck color. It is of two types – Indranil, which is of dark blue color and the nineteen which is of light blue color. Some benefits of wearing blue sapphire are as follows:

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The combination of blue sapphire with other ratons helps fight diseases such as bone cancer, kidney problem, nerve disease and paralysis. Sapphire brings riches, fame, health, happiness, prosperity, long life, mental peace in the person wearing a gemstone. Blue sapphire helps to protect the problems of travel, problems of terror, thieves, accidents, hurricanes, fire or natural disasters.

These can make a person’s financial fortune better. At the same time, it can also help in the person’s career, and the person wearing it can become rich. It can free you from mental anxiety and protects from jealousy. It can be worn to protect good luck and evil spirits.

Surgeons, mechanical engineers, mechanics, astrologers, doctors, electrical appliance manufacturers, metallurgists, scientists, writers, jail warden, soldiers and archaeologists can get great benefits from wearing blue sapphire. Even sapphires will prove beneficial in the field of dance, drama, martial arts, cinematography, acting and direction.

Blue Neelam is a lucky gem for all those people who are born under 8 numbers. Saturn planet controls this number. People born on the 8th, 17th and the 26th of any month fall under this number. This is the birthstone for the month of September. Blue sapphire is also suggested for the anniversary of 5th, 23rd and 45th wedding anniversary.

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It should be at least 2 carat weight. It should be worn with silver, especially on the growing days of the moon on Saturdays. It can be worn on the middle finger of the right or left hand. Usually the blue sapphire is worn with other ratons.