Significance of Shri Suktam


The eminence and the eternality of Goddess Lakshmi has been talked well in our profound sacred texts. She has likewise been venerated by our awesome holy people like Shri Adi Jagadguru Shankaracharya, Shri Vallabhacarya, shri Nimbarkacharya and so forth. We as a whole realize that Goddess Lakshmi is the perfect associate of Lord Vishnu and that she developed as one of the fourteen rattan that risen up out of the sea amid the Samudra Manthan. She has ordinarily been alluded to as “SHRI” which means success. In Astrology, , she is the managing divinity of Venus. Any sort of love to Goddess Lakshmi reinforces the capability of Venus to convey advantage comes about.

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Freely the term Lakshmi has been connected with fund/riches however strikingly it is only one of the perspectives identified with the perfect mother. Practically everybody venerates the celestial mother for cash and enhancing accounts in their lives. Keep in mind that halfway love/supplication would yield incomplete outcomes as it were. Shri Lakshmi expected eight structures, known as “ASHTA LAKSHMI” to annihilate neediness of eight sorts. Our sacred texts say that a person can confront neediness on eight fronts so it is critical to destroy all with the awesome favors of Shri Lakshmi.

The accompanying are the eight types of Shri Lakshmi.

Adi Lakshmi (Maha Lakshmi)

Dhan Lakshmi ( bestower of riches)

Dhanya lakshmi (bestower of agrarian riches)

Gaja Lakshmi (bestower of energy of eminence)

Var Lakshmi ( bestower of wonderful aids)

Santan Lakshmi ( bestower of descendants)

Vijay Lakshmi ( bestower of achievement)

Vidya Lakshmi (bestower of learning)

Presently it is extremely hard to adore every one of the types of Goddess Lakshmi yet we might not want to miss on anybody of them. A recitation called “Sri Suktam” takes care of this issue. Sri Suktam is initially a piece of Rig Veda. Nobody composed the Vedas so nobody has in fact composed Sri Suktam. The word Sukta implies an announcement of appreciation. The recitation of Sri Sukta has been applauded by the divine beings themselves and also the considerable sages and holy people that showed up on this planet. It is even said that Shri Lakshmi may overlook whatever other recitation however she could never disregard the petitions through recitation of Shri Suktam and Shri Kanak Dhara stotra.

Sri Suktam is a supplication coordinated to Agni Dev, the fire god. It is fascinating to take note of that Lord Vishnu happens to be the Yagya Narayana and all the ahutis in a yagna are devoted to Lord Shri Vishnu himself. So in fact the supplication to Agni Dev (JATVED) is really committed to Lord Shri Vishnu who is the spouse of Goddess Lakshmi. It is an extremely humble supplication in which the brilliance, brilliance, magnificence, all types of Lakshmi, her heavenly nature, her parenthood, her endowments have been exemplified.

The recitation of Sri Suktam fulfills the perfect mother to the most extreme level and she showers her endowments upon her youngsters. One vital supplication among the diverse suktas identifies with annihilation of Jyeshtha Lakshmi ( Kshupti Pasamalam Jyeshtham Lakshmim Nashyamyaham). Shri Lakshmi has a senior sister known as Jyeshtha Lashmi and she is strong to do everything inverse what all Shri Lakshmi does. She governs sorrow, despondency, obstructions, clashes, harsh dialect, delays, disappointment and so forth. The recitation of Shri Suktam helps and kills the presence of Shri Jyeshtha Lakshmi from one’s life. Additionally recollect that it really Shri Jyestha Lakshmi who has owl as her mount however Shri Adi Lakshmi has Garuda as her mount. So one should review the picture of Shri Lakshmi with Garuda and not owl.

Shri Lakshmi is Adi Shakti herself. Every one of the divine beings and people have looked for her asylum at the season of their sadness and she has fulfilled the petitions of all. One ought to routinely discuss Shri Suktam with the goal that he/she can beat much issues in life.

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At present we are watching the Dev Shayan and the love of Shri Lakshmi Narayan is fitting amid this period. Shri Suktam is an effective source to satisfy the celestial mother.