Significance of Shravan Amavasya


Brings in a Lot of Festivals

Shravan (July – August) month gets a ton of celebrations and critical occasions for the Hindus. Amavasya or the no moon day falling on this month is huge from a few points. Here we talk about the significance of Shravan Amavasya and the distinctive names related with it. Shravan Amavasya accept diverse measurements and implications crosswise over various neighborhood societies in India.

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Different Versions

The nation over, various customs observe Shravana Amavasya under various names and in various ways. Here are the distinctive names of the occasion. Despite the fact that the customs contrast from district to area, the soul of the occasion is the same. Hariyali Amavasya: Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh

Gatari Amavasya: Maharashtra

Chukkala Amavasya: Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

Chitalgi Amavasya: Orissa

Ancestral Worship

Amavasys or no moon day is viewed as propitious for hereditary love. In any case, the Amavasya falling in a few months are viewed as more huge for this reason. On this day, male individuals int eh Hindu family units offer pitru puja (tribal puja) and pitru tarpan (offerings to precursors) and appeal to God for their endowments. Exceptional dinners are cooked and offered to Brahmins.

Worship of Lord Shiva

One of the best highlights of Hariyali Amavasya is love of Lord Shiva. On this day unique pujas are performed in Shiva sanctuaries and in addition homes appealing to God for good rains and an ample collect. It is said Shiva puja performed on this day will favor the aficionados with riches and thriving.

Fasting On Shravan Amavasya

Numerous Hindus watch fasting on this day. Competitors wake up at a young hour in the morning and scrub down. Love is offered to the family gods at the puja room sacrificial stone. Just a single dinner is taken after puja and the quick is deduced at night.

Hariyali Amvasya Fairs

Upon the arrival of Shravana Amavasya, terrific fairs are sorted out in various parts of India. The festivals sorted out in Udaipur keep going for three days loaded with fun, stimulations and sustenances. On this day, ladies petition God for the welfare of their spouses.

Festival of Greenery

Hariyali Amavasya marks the onset of storm season. In this way it is profoundly extraordinary and a welcome card for the downpours that will guarantee a decent reap. Individuals move out on this day to appreciate the nature in its new hues after the singing summer months.

Other Significances of Shravan Amavasya

Hariyali Amavasya falls three days before the Hariyali Teej. Shravana is the fifth month in the Hindu lunar logbook. This month is considered exceedingly favorable to venerate Lord Shiva. Amid this month, Hindus revere distinctive divine beings and goddesses and look for their favors. Petitions are offered on this day looking for good rains and an ample gather following that. Love of progenitors and beneficent exercises done on this day are accepted to give included benefits.

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Plant Worship

Hindus venerate trees and plants to say thanks to them. Over some nearby conventions, individuals venerate peepal trees on this day. Since this denotes the begin of the storm season, individuals think planting saplings on this day will see their stunning development like the developing period of the moon.