Significance of Shiv Puja in Shravan Maas


Gifts from God

It is trusted that on the off chance that we satisfy our divine beings with their coveted offerings, at that point the outcome we get as gifts can be a great deal more from what we can anticipate. In this way, redress time and strategy is the thing that which ought to be dealt with while worshiping the God.

Holiest month

Shravan Maas starts in July and finishes August consistently. Thought to be the holiest month according to Hindu sacred texts, this is the greatest month to love ruler Shiva.

Performing Rudrabhishek Shiv Puja

Performing Rudrabhishek Puja amid Shravan Somvars can enable one to accomplish awesome physical and otherworldly prosperity.

Legend of Samudra Manthan

As indicated by Hindu mythology amid the season of Samudra Manthan, a tussle broke out between the evil spirits and god. Fourteen components turned out from the sea amid the stirring. Out which one was a dangerous toxic substance, Halahala. So as to spare the world from pulverization, ruler Shiva drank that toxin because of which his throat turned blue and from that point onwards he is otherwise called Neelkantha. This story has importance since it occurred amid this month.

Here are a portion of the advantages of doing Shiv Puja amid Shravan Maas

Performing Shiva puja with a genuine heart and devotion can shield us from sick impacts of grah dosh (Planetary Dosh) including Shani Dosh.

Can see extreme changes in their wellbeing

Aficionados who watch Shiva Puja can see uncommon changes in their wellbeing as this puja helps in enhancing their wellbeing and shield them from dangerous illnesses.

The perfect Purush

Shiva is thought to be the perfect Purush. That is the motivation behind why unmarried ladies venerate him with the goal that they can get a spouse like him.

You will be nearer to salvation

As indicated by legends, worshiping Lord Shiva can convey you nearer to the salvation of your spirit or Moksh Prapti.

Will bring riches and flourishing

Performing Rudrabhishekh Puja with things, for example, nectar, ghee and sugarcane can acquire riches and thriving one’s life.

Serenade mantras

Droning Mantras like Om Namah Shivay and Maha Mrituynjay jaap can shield one from peril and less than ideal demise.