Significance of Sakat Chauth


Alternate names of Sakat Chauth are Ganesh Chauth and Tilkuta Chauth. The fundamental highlights of the day are love of Lord Ganesh and moon god. Sakat Chauth puja and fasting is accepted to favor the aficionados with wellbeing, fortune and joy in families.

Puja Vidhi

The ladies of the family wake up at a young hour in the morning and clean up. The house is cleaned, improved and the photo or symbol of Lord Ganesh is enhanced. The spectators of the vrat sit before the holy place and serenade the name of Ganesh 108 times picking a name like “Om Ganeshaya Namah”.

At night, the puja sacrificial stone is embellished and the icon of Ganesh is put and beautified with blooms and Durva grass. The primary pastries arranged on this day are made of til seeds and jaggery. In the wake of doing the puja and making the offerings, arati is sung and camphor light is waved before the symbol.

After the night puja, the moon ascending in the sky is seen by the aficionados and water is offered to moon. The account of Sakat Chauth is discussed with alternate individuals tuning in to it. As a rule, the offerings are left before the icon throughout the night and appropriated among the relatives on the following morning.

Fasting Rules

The spectators of the vrat quick for the entire day long. The quick starts in the day break and reaches out till nightfall finishing up subsequent to night Ganesh puja and having a dream of the moon.

Vrat Story

Some time ago, two siblings and their spouses lived respectively. The spouse of the senior one was exceptionally pompous and coldblooded and profoundly desirous of others. She used to dependably inconvenience the more youthful sibling’s better half and furthermore affront her in a way affirming her own particular amazingness in the family. The more youthful one’s significant other was exceedingly devout and highminded. She was profoundly given to Lord Ganesh. She dependably watched the Sakat Chauth vrat and wished to offer Prasad toward the finish of the puja. Since she doesn’t have anything in the home, she frequented the senior one’s significant other and inquired as to whether something could be given. The senior one’s significant other offended her and denied anything. Along these lines the more youthful one’s significant other closed the puja appealing to God for acquit since she couldn’t offer anything and rested in yearning.

Ruler Ganesh showed up in her fantasy and favored the home with gems, riches and all solaces. When she woke up, she was astounded to discover innumerable endowments all around her. Becoming desirous of the youthful one’s significant other, the senior one’s better half too played out the puja just to see nothing turned out and Ganesh couldn’t be satisfied by any stretch of the imagination. Immediately, she understood her mix up and asked for exonerate from the more youthful one’s significant other.


Sakat Chauth vrat presents flourishing and riches at homes.

Ganesh is the Lord of obstructions and in this manner the puja can help evacuate the obstacles to development and secure celestial insurance in each circle of life.

Constant and earnest recognition of Sakat Chauth vrat can favor the enthusiasts with the vision of Lord Ganesh.