Significance of playing bell at temple


In Indian culture, the practice of ringing bells at the entrance of temple and on special places has been running since ancient times. When the devotee reaches to temple, firstly they rang bell as it is considered auspicious according to religious belief. There is also a very vital scientific reason behind this practice.

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When the bell rings, the vibrations in the atmosphere are produced and it goes far enough. By this vibration, all the bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms that come into the area are destroyed and the atmosphere gets purified.

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The places where bell sounds are frequent, the atmosphere gets pure and clean. It removes negative forces from there and provides positive energy. As per Vastu Shastra, the bell also plays great role. According to Vastu Shastra, the houses that kept bell at mandir and rang it daily during the Aarti, Goddess Lakshmi resides in those houses. Moreover, there is no shortage of money in such homes. Where the bell is kept, negative powers stay away from such a place.