Significance of ‘Manibandh Rekha’ (line) on your palm!


What is Maniband Rekha?

Who knew that our own body is a hidden treasure of success, luck and prosperity? According to shastras, a lot about our future if partially explained through our palm lines, feet symbols and moles on body.

History of Palmistry

Foretelling the future through reading lines on human body is a widely practiced tradition around the world, especially in and around South-Asian countries. Until many years, the knowledge of future through signs other than palm lines laid silently.

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Samudrika Shastra

Today we are going to focus on the ‘Manibandh Rekha’, which is the line that displays the joining area of palm to the hand. Going by the knowledge mentioned in Samudrika Shastra, this Manibandh Rekha is a clear indication of success, good luck and wealth, and also if anything disastrous is awaiting you.

Let’s explore

So, before we begin studying your Manibandh Rekha and interpreting what it signifies about your life, we advise you thoroughly wash your hands and moisturize them to get a clear view of this line.

  1. If the sub-line from Manibandh Rekha reaches out from the start of your palm and goes up to the mount base of your palm, then it means prosperity awaits you at every corner of your life. It also indicates sudden increase in wealth, but second line that means options other than your salaried income.
  2. If a sub-line rising from Manibandh Rekha is touching the life line, then it hints towards overseas stay, even income. People with such auspicious sign are expected to have an overseas opportunity very early in their life and if taken, then may spend rest of their life on foreign land.
  3. If your heart line can be seen touching the Manibandh Rekha, it is considered an auspicious sign for fame and prosperity. This connection is a subtle way of saying that go for a career, which requires you to establish a partner, like joint business, etc. This would bring you immense success and fame.
  4. If the sub-line from Manibandh Rekha moves up, touching the Mount of Sun, then it is an indication of political success. You may see yourself having a political inclination at first and then move up professionally later in life.
  5. If the sub-line goes up and touches the base of Mount of Jupiter then it is hinting towards you moving up higher in the professional ladder. Reaching on higher position at a very early age is indicated, and so does falling in love with a person much elder to you. Something which you will find hard to in order to make the society around you, accept it.

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