Significance of Gupt Navratri


The festival of Navratri only comes in the month of March or October. But there are total four Navratris in a year. While the Navratris held during Ashwin and Vasanth are celebrated with much fanfare and grandeur, the other two are unknown and are rather less popular. They are also known as Magh and Asadh Navratri.

Popularly called as Gupt Navratri, these hold a signifcant value for Sadhaks who perform specialized tantric rituals, vashikarans, uchatans, stambhan, videshan and maran rituals.

The puja and rituals done during these Navratri are done secretly. It is considered as an auspicious time to gain riddhi-siddi. Puja done during the Navratras of the Magh month provides a shield against any sort of danger or injury and devotee attains riddhi & siddhi.

During Gupt Navratri, Hindus worship Goddess Durga and her 9 forms seeking protection against any sort of danger or injury. It is also said that worshipping the nine forms of Durga during these nine auspicious days, devotees attain Riddhi and Siddhi, which is wisdom and wealth.

During the Gupt Navratras, the sanctified “Durga Saptashati” mantras (mentioned in Markayandeya Purana) are chanted. These mantras explain the story of Goddess Durga and the powers & divine weapons, given by the Tridevas (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva), to demolish demon king, Mahishasura.

Holy texts like Shrimad Devi Bhagwat, Devi Mahatmya and the Shri Durgasapshati path are recited during this time. On the day of Ashtami, pooja is performed in all Shakti Peeths of India. The next day is observed as Maha Navami.

On this last day, a grand havan is conducted at the place of worship. All our peculiar desires are fulfilled after this special pooja, done with specific mantras.

Like all other Navratri, there are certain things that are prohibited during this course of time. It is believed that the work initiated during this time will never reach a fruitful end, and the troubles of the native will increase 5 times.Take a look at things that are prohibited…

Don'ts of Gupt Navratri

1. It is highly prohibited to cut nails for all these days. Especially till Ekadashi stay away from doing so.

2. Do not have a hair cut during this period. If you do so, the trouble will increase 5 times.

3. Gossiping, telling lies and using harsh words against someone is not allowed these days. Do not stitch or knit during this period.

4. Do not leave the Jyot to burn it out. After puja you should, with some flowers put to rest the Agni which stood as the witness to your puja and offering.

5. Do not dust your home or at least in the Puja Room/Place and in Kitchen.

6. Do not wear slipper in the house if possible for all these 9 days or avoid getting into the puja room wearing one.

7. Do not study anything on the 9th day; instead you should keep all your books and other modern gadget near the MAA and seek her blessing on this day and then on Vijay Dashami day you should.