Significance of Hariyali Teej


Hariyali Teej is a standout amongst the most cherished and praised celebrations of North India and falls on the third day of the primary fortnight of the Hindu month Shravan. The celebration is set apart as a recognition to the get-together of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. On this day, wedded ladies watch quick to look for long life and wellbeing of their significant other. While unmarried ladies watch quick to get a spouse like Lord Shiva. Hariyali Teej is likewise called as Shravan Teej as it falls two days before Naag Panchami amid the Hindu month Shravan. Amid this season, the environment end up plainly green and thus the name ‘Hariyali’.

There is a convention of sending a basin of blessing called “Sindhara” to the little girl and her in-laws by her folks. The blessing contains home-made desserts, Heena, bangles and ghewar. Because of the custom of gifting Sindhara, Hariyali Teej is called as Sindhara Teej. The day is additionally alluded as Shravan Teej or Choti Teej, while the Teej that comes 15 days after Hariyali Teej is called as Badi Teej. The celebration is praised in Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh and Rajasthan.

Legendary criticalness

It is trusted that on this day, Lord Shiva acknowledged Goddess Parvati as his significant other after she fasted and was grim for a long time. Legend says that she supplicated and took 108 resurrections to be Lord Shiva’s better half. Goddess Parvati is otherwise called Teej Mata. The union occurred on the third day of Shukla Paksha in the period of Shravan.


Ladies clad themselves in green garments, wear green bangles and decorate their hands with henna. An exceptional puja to revere the moon with drain, blooms and curd is performed. Religious tunes and songs are droned. The festival contains moving and singing. In Rajasthan, parades of Teej Mata are gone up against the boulevards and tunes and moves are performed. Haryana marks the day as the official occasion and the Government of Haryana sorts out a few capacities to praise the celebration. In Punjab, ladies accumulate and perform Gidda and visit their families. There is additionally a custom for ladies to ride swings. In Chandigarh, understudies exhibit plays and social projects and the Chandigarh organization makes uncommon game plans in the Rock Garden for Teej festivity.