Significance of Gangaur : How to do Pooja on this auspicious day?

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Gangaur is famous festival of Rajasthan. This festival is celebrated by women’s of Rajasthan with great excitement and dedication. It comes between March-April month. Lord Gauri and Isar are decorated with beautiful clothes and ornaments on this day. ‘Gangaur’ is a mixture of two words ‘Gana’ and ‘Gaur’. ‘Gana’ is associated with Lord Shiva and ‘Gaur’ represents Saubhagya.

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On this day, married women do worship for long life of husband whereas unmarried women offer prayers to Gauri to get her blessings.

How to do Gangaur Pooja?

To do Gangaur fast, wake up early in the morning and take bath before sunrise and wear clean clothes.

Prior to the worship, the bride and unmarried daughters go to some garden by keeping small round metal pot of lotus on the head. They fill the fresh water in the pot from garden and keep fresh flowers on the head and sing songs till they reach home.

After this, they splash pure water in the whole house and make Vedi with the help of Kesar, camphor and sandalwood.

Woman makes 16 dots of Kumkum, 16 dots of mehandi and 16 dots of Kajal on wall as it is considered auspicious.

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Women should drink milk only once while doing Gangaur fast. You will get lot of benefits at home.

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures