Side Effects of Tomatoes


Nowadays, tomatoes are in many discussions. The reason for this is its rising prices. But it is not good to consume many tomatoes in terms of health. But it act as very important ingredient in Indian kitchen.

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Let us now know the negative side of tomato…

· Tomatoes contain very high amounts of acidosis. The excess use of tomatoes can be cause of acidity in our body. This causes chest burn.

· Taking excessive use of tomatoes causes stomach ache and gas problems. Tomatoes contain certain carotenoids that affect the immune system.

· The use of raw tomatoes has a negative effect on the immune system.

· If you use tomatoes as salad, then try to remove its seeds and do not intake the seeds into the stomach. Actually these seeds do not digest easily and can cause stones in your kidney.

· Excessive use of tomatoes can cause bad odor in the body. In tomato, an element called perspirance is found which is the cause of stomach odor when this element breaks during the digestion process.

· Even the leaf of the tomato plant can be unsafe. In large amounts, it can cause vomiting, dizziness, headache, and, in severe cases, even death

· Lycopene present in tomatoes can also increase the risk of bleeding and must be avoided by people with bleeding disorders.

· According to a Polish study, tomatoes contain a compound called histamine that can cause certain allergic reactions

· People with severe kidney issues must also limit the intake of tomatoes as they contain a lot of water

· Diarrhea can occur in individuals suffering from tomato intolerance.

· Even tomato soup can have too much of sodium. Just one cup of the soup can contain anywhere between 700 to 1,260 mg of sodium.

· Canned tomatoes can contain 220 mg of sodium for every half cup.

· Tomatoes are known to trigger migraines. According to experts, one can prevent migraines 40% of the time just by simply making some dietary changes.

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· In regular amounts, tomatoes are found to be safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women. However, there is insufficient evidence when it comes to large amounts. The best way to go about it would be to consult your doctor.