Shruti Haasan isn’t afraid to be called a ‘bitch’


Performing artist Shruti Haasan isn't afraid to be known as a "bitch" and is happy to explain to you precisely why.

A fragile male ego is culprit of many dating disasters?

In a more than two moment video titled 'Be The Bitch,' Shruti tears into popular observations and totally rethinks the word as an announcement of young lady control.

Composed and described by the performer, the video has been distributed by Culture Machine's computerized channel Blush for their #Unblushed arrangement, which has likewise included Kalki Koechlin, Radhika Apte and all the more as of late Amitabh Bachchan.

"Bitch is the verbal eye move you make to characterize any lady who is not some tea since she declines to pour it," she says in the video. "The bitch is an instructor who remains against a framework. The bitch is multitasker and that is the reason she has no time for your reasons. The bitch is unadulterated aspiration with hormones."

The video, distributed last night, has VIPs and Twitter raving.

Watch the video below:

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