Shraddha Kapoor’s horrible fashion sense!


Shraddha Kapoor is recently busy in promoting her new film, ‘Haseena’ which is a biopic on the Haseena Parkar, sister of Gangster, Daud Ibrahim.

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Shraddha ‘s Brother Siddhanth kapoor can also be seen in the film as Daud Ibrahim.

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When it comes to acting, one can expect decent and simple performances from Miss Kapoor but when it comes to the fashion sense of the actress, it is quite horrible and weird!

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From wearing garish Flip- Flops to dead-boring pantsuits, Shraddha has given us more fashion blunders than one can imagine.

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Recently, while she was out for the promotion of her movie ‘Haseena’ we saw her wearing a stunning blue dress, which gave us major dressing goals. But soon after seeing Shraddha’s latest outfit our ‘Fashion Goals’ were diminished.

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For the promotion of her upcoming movie, the Baaghi actress wore an ensemble that left us in great shock and confusion.  The dress was the mash up of both chic shirt dresses and sizzling sheer net dresses. The combination was a big failure.

A loose, white T-shirt with rolled-up sleeves was paired with a black, net skirt to create a look. The mustard and black color stripes on the side of the skirt were simply confusing.

The chunky and  studded on her upper waist was a pure disaster. The fit of the dress was gaudy and the mismatched shirt-skirt combo falls to impress.

What all we found good was her black Stilettos. Shraddha’s no makeup fresh face look was very impressive and new!

Shraddha, you should opt for a new Stylist as soon as possible!