Shraddha Kapoor used to work in a coffee shop, Before coming into Bollywood


Knowing Shraddha Kapoor today, a prominent name from the film business, one would not have able to think about what the on-screen character’s initially work was.

A reality that is not known to many individuals is that Shraddha Kapoor first worked at a coffeehouse of a famous chain in Boston.

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The on-screen character was studying in Boston when she chose to job part time alongside her school only for the experience, to feel somewhat independent and who minds some additional pocket cash in school days.

Shraddha, on the work front, has been occupied with her expected ventures. She will be found in the biopic of Haseena Parkar taken after by Saina Nehwal’s Biopic.

The performer is the just a single among her peers to have 2 biopics. She is at presently preparing for her Saina Nehwal flick.