Should I let her go?


I am a 22-year-old man, have recently finished my engineering and now, am anticipating my joining letter from a respectable IT organization. I have been involved with a young lady since recent years. We have had our offer of high points and low points however of late, the issues have truly expanded. The mistaken assumptions are setting off to a radical new level and I am not ready to take that. Contrasts have begun inching in. I cherish her and she adores me more. Be that as it may, by one means or another since couple of months, things are not going fine. There is another part of my relationship as well. She is Muslim and I am Hindu. Nonetheless, we have progressed significantly together. Every one of these years, we had a long-remove relationship and there was not a trust issue ever. My issue is that I would prefer not to abandon her, however now I am simply not ready to quiet things down. We get forceful over telephone amid our discussions. Her family is experiencing an extreme time and every one of these things are aggravating it for her. She is getting a great deal of engagement propositions and her folks are additionally not receptive. Hence, we can't break the news of our relationship. I require no less than 2 years to settle down, yet it appears that things aren't to support us, in any event in no time. Should I abandon her over vulnerability of our future together, so she can have a decent life? Then again, my internal identity doesn't need me to abandon her. She is my first love and I need her to be my last as well. Be that as it may, with the things happening between us recently, I've begun getting negative thought. It would be ideal if you control me, sir.

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Answer by Dr Samir Parikh: There are various issues that both of you are pondering, as far as your relationship, and it would be a smart thought to address each of these worries in their uniqueness, recognizing what can and can't be settled. Battles about unimportant matters frequently break out, when there are more profound worries that are being overlooked or delayed, as is presumably happening for this situation. Justifiably, landing a position in a rumored organization will in any case take a couple of years and is a vulnerability, such matters can't yet be predicted and accordingly, require not be motivation to stay in or end the relationship in itself. Be that as it may, worries about the family and your sweetheart's planned marriage do should be tended to all the more desperately. On the off chance that you both are not kidding about getting hitched later on, then deferring that discussion with your folks is no more reasonable – you both need to marshal the bravery to converse with your folks about this relationship and your arrangements for what's to come. It's vital for you both to know whether getting hitched to each other is a probability, and if yes, what the repercussions of that would be for both of you and your families. To stay in a relationship or not is as much about the present as it is about the future; given that you can't anticipate what will happen two years down the line, there is still a considerable measure you can do today to secure the future you need for yourselves.

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