Shootout in Dallas: Police shoot man who charged officer at airport


DALLAS : A policeman shot a man with rocks in his hands who charged the officer after the man attacked a woman's car outside the Love Field airport in Dallas on Friday, prompting a temporary shutdown of parts of the facility, police said. Died man believed to be the mother of his children. Police have now identified the man shot outside the airport terminal Friday as Shawn Nicholas Diamond of Edgewood, Maryland. At a news conference, Dallas Police Chief David Brown said Diamond was in stable condition at a Dallas hospital.

Diamond, who had a rock in each hand, later made a "quick approach directly at the officer" and the policeman fired his handgun, striking Diamond, the police description said. When Diamond got up, still holding one rock, the officer opened fire on him again several times, police said. In a social media video played on several broadcasters, five shots could be heard, followed by a volley of several more. Shouts of "get down" were heard and an officer with a pistol could be seen.

Asked why the officer fired so many rounds at a man holding a rock, Blankenbaker said only that he did not know how many shots were fired. “We have to conduct an investigation over those types of speculation.” Some airport operations were temporarily disrupted, but the airport remained open. Spokesman Jose Torres said that some people after hearing shots ran through security so everyone had to be rescreened. Officials warned that delays could last several hours. There were some folks in the security line who were startled, so they went through the security line without being checked. So the airport has had to pull everybody back out of the secure area and recheck them for security purposes,” Blankenship said.

“The man was yelling at the cops, basically saying ‘shoot me shoot me, I dare you,’ something to that effect,” Fonseca said, adding she then heard gunfire. “I crouched down on the ground,” she said. “I didn’t know where the bullets were going.” Blankenbaker said it appeared that the man had used a large rock from nearby landscaping to smash the windshield and driver’s side window of a car. Blankenbaker said no children were present during the disturbance and the woman wasn’t injured. Meanwhile a case has been register and further investigation gouin on.