Shooter attacked UN convoy in Libya


An army convoy was attacked by gunmen near Libya’s capital and kidnapped seven staff members on Thursday ahead of releasing them unhurt, a top security official stated.

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General Najmi al-Nakoua of the presidential guard service stated the assault on the convoy occurred near Zawiyah on Thursday.

“They have been released, they are all safe,” he added.

The incident took place when a UN convoy was travelling between Surman and Tripoli on Thursday.

Lawmaker Abdallah al-Lafi, who was indulged in the discussions leading to the discharge of the UN personnel, asserted that they were all “in fine physical condition”.

He included that they were still with him at a police headquarters in Surman, around 70 kilometers west of Tripoli, anticipating their exchange to the capital.

Lafi said the UN caravan was comprised of five men – including one from Malaysia, another from Romania and three Libyans – and two ladies, an Egyptian and a Palestinian.

The aggressors, he stated, had kidnapped them keeping in mind the end goal to arrange the arrival of relatives kept in Tripoli.

In any case, “we could persuade them to discharge the UN staff before any transactions,” he included.

Libya has been wracked by tumult since the 2011 uprising that toppled and killed long-lasting tyrant Moamer Kadhafi, with equal specialists and volunteer armies engaging for control of the oil-rich nation.

The North African nation has match organizations, with the experts in the east not perceiving the UN-sponsored Government of National Accord (GNA) situated in the capital.

In its announcement, the UN mission to Libya said it had “reached the staff concerned. There are no reports of losses among UN staff”.

“UNSMIL thanks the Government of National Accord, House of Representative Members from Zawiyah and nearby experts for their assistance in guaranteeing the security of UN staff and is anticipating their sheltered come back to Tripoli.

“The UN stays focused on Libya and to supporting Libyans on their way to peace and steadiness,” it included.

The British envoy to Libya, Peter Millett, had communicated worry for the UN staff members on his Twitter account.

“Aggravated by assault on @UNSMILibya guard. Expectation all protected. UN staff speak to global group’s sense of duty regarding enable #Libya-n to individuals,” he tweeted before the news of their discharge.

Negotiators in Libya have been focused on frequently by attackers and ruffians since the uprising that expelled and murdered Kadhafi.

On September 11, 2012, suspected jihadists connected to Al-Qaeda assaulted the US office in Benghazi, in eastern Libya, executing envoy Christopher Stevens and three different Americans.

By 2014, most political missions had left the North African nation, including that of the United Nations.

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UNSMIL is situated in Tunis, the capital of neighboring Tunisia, however its individuals frequently complete missions inside Libya.