Is Karnataka Chief Secretary Arvind Jadhav Shoddy, Read Here?


Karnataka Chief Secretary Arvind Jadhav was trying to claim ignorance mode all of Wednesday. A day after the Chief Minister looked for a report on affirmations of unlawful exchange of government area in Anekal, Jadhav issued an illumination saying he had literally nothing to do with the area being referred to. Before sufficiently long, prove rose that he had been attempting to apply weight on authorities to complete his work. Likewise, a video developed of his own secretary working the PC at the South Assistant Commissioner’s office at Kandaya Bhavana after available time. At the end of the day, Jadhav repudiated his secretary and said he didn’t know why he was in the AC’s office three hours after the administration office had closed down. Be that as it may, the harm had been finished.

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Jadhav’s own secretary, Satish, was caught on camera doing a suspicious exchange in the South Assistant Commissioner’s office at Kandaya Bhavana on Tuesday night. The area record of the 8.3 sections of land that Jadhav’s mom “purchased in 2002 all alone” are kept up at the South AC’s office.
Prior to his present posting, Satish was a police constable with the City Armed Service (CAR) and afterward served as a shooter to an officer at Vidhana Souda. In the wake of taking courses in software engineering, he turned into a specialist at taking care of specialized issues in the Chief Secretary’s office. He then turned into a second division agent at Vidhana Soudha before getting to be close to home secretary to Jadhav.
After the CM requested a report on the issue, Satish went to the AC’s office around 8.30 pm – three hours after government available time. Both Satish and an exceptional tahsildar were in the workplace, before a PC. The Assistant Commissioner had been educated of Satish’s visit and was requested that keep the workplace open.
“He is additionally seen setting some up records and sources he added them to the report with respect to the CS and the charged area trick, a report requested by the CM. He is near the CS and we have to know why he went to that office where the case record is. This looks exceptionally suspicious,” a senior civil servant said.
In the footage, Satish can been photocopying a few archives and devastating others. The CCTV footage demonstrates that he was in the AC’s office till 9.30 pm. Jadhav, in any case, adhered to his firearms saying he didn’t know why Satish was in the AC’s office. Presently, ACB examiners have started a test into the matter.
On Wednesday morning, Jadhav conveyed a note separating himself from the area bargain. Yet, a selective WhatsApp bunch – BMC issues in BUD – nailed his untruth.
The gathering was made especially to determine and screen the chaotic case including the area that his mom had purchased. What’s more, a message that Jadhav demonstrates that he was making major decisions there as well.
The WhatsApp gathering was made on June 22 by joint executive, Land Records Jayaprakash after purportedly being requested that by Jadhav do as such. Jayaprakash made the gathering – ‘BMC issues in BUD’ – to determine the area issue. The gathering had 10 officers as individuals, including Mounish Moudgil, the then magistrate, Survey, Settlement and Land Records who blew the shriek on endeavors to make another record for Jadhav’s mom’s buy.
The gathering additionally facilitated the CS himself; JD Jayaprakash; extraordinary DC Vijay, Bhoomi Monitoring Cell; an exceptional tahsildar, Anekal; and another tahsildar.
In one of the screenshots, Jadhav solicits the individuals from the gathering, in poor English: “Does the BMC (Bhoomi Monitoring Cell, which deals with all area deeds) has laziness issues”.
The gathering administrator Jayaprakash answers to Jadhav’s question: “Mr Vijay, Jayaprakash answers to Jadhav’s inquiry: “Mr Vijay, Special DC, BMC ought to include and handle this sir. He has left this gathering. He ought to take up the matter and advise extraordinary Tahasildar what to do. His advisor says it is government land pody case and he does not understand how to determine the issue. On the off chance that there is no legitimacy for the situation let him prompt Tahasildar or ADLR on what to do”. This discussion happened on July 1.The discussion obviously demonstrates the CS guiding individuals on what to do furthermore getting data on advancements for the situation.
Jadhav, who assumed control as Chief Secretary in January 2016, resigned on June 30, 2016. He was allowed a three-month augmentation by the administration. A 1978 group Karnataka framework IAS officer, Jadhav is a local of UP – he moved on from Kanpur University – and is of Marathi source. His first posting was in (then) Mysore as Assistant Commissioner, Land Revenue Management and District Adminstration.
Between May 2009 and August 2011, he served a grievous term at Air India as its CMD. His three-year residency, which the administration reduced when it sacked him in August, was damaged by disgruntlement amongst workers and modern question – the guild drew up a large group of charges against him. Five free executives, including Anand Mahindra (of Mahindra and Mahindra) and Bengal fund pastor Amit Mitra, of the national transporter griped to the PMO about Jadhav’s style of working and requested his expulsion.
In the note issued on Wednesday, Jadhav says that buying the area was his mom’s choice and he was not even in Bengaluru at the time.
“The said land in overview number 29 of Ramanayakanahalli of Anekal taluk was acquired by Tarabai Marutirao Jadhav in 2002-03 through enrolled deal deeds. This, when I was not in the state government, furthermore not in Bengaluru. The area was obtained by my mom out of the returns of offer of farming area in Hegganahalli of Devanahalli taluk. It was her cash and her choice as a free individual. “The area proprietors were conceded the said lands amid 1977-78. The area was bought well after the expiry of 15-year time of non-estrangement provision and it was not government land by then. A support was issued by the income powers to this impact in July 2002 expressing that the area has a place with general class.
“Resulting to the buy, applications were made various times for finishing and altering of review limits according to income laws. The activity looking for phodi division in getting another RTC is a general component. The exertion of the area proprietor to look for streamlining the review in income records has taken over 14 years.
“Any choice of the income and overview office is liable to legal audit and legitimate plan of action is accessible to the abused. In the course of the most recent 14 years, neither the gift land in review number 29 nor the buy has been addressed by the capable powers. There is neither any wrongness nor any inconsistency in the area buy by my mom.
“I have extraordinary respect for the media and its freedom and misgiving my failure to show up in individual before the media in perspective of set points of reference of taxpayer supported organization. All matters, assuming any, will be conveyed to light amid request and law might follow all the way through due procedure if required. The representative official, Bengaluru urban area and income division is seized of the matter according to guidelines of the main clergyman.”

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