Shocking! This cat has 2 faces and 3 eyes, see PHOTOS


You all must have seen cats in your daily life but have you ever seen cats with 3 eyes and 2 faces? No, then today we are telling you about a cat who have 3 eyes and 2 faces and he look so weird. Whosoever sees his photographs on social media, they got surprised after watching it. The cat has become popular internet sensation. His photographs have gone viral on the social media.

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This cat belongs from Australia and he was born on December 12. She is popular by name “Batty B”. Due to its 3 eyes and 2 mouth people have become curious to see it. The most special thing about this cat is that it is very healthy.

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The photographs and video of this cat went viral on the social media. The supervisors of cat reported that she is given food with the help of tube. It is very difficult to take care of her. Its practitioners say that they have done lot of hard work with him.