Shocking: In this place the Grooms are Marketed!


You will go to any corner of India and you will be able to see some strange or strange traditions everywhere. Let me tell you there are some traditions where there is a bunch of grooms.
Let me tell you that there was a film in 1982. Whose name was “Dulha Sukta Hai”, which also people did not believe that such a thing happens in India. But this happens.
Even in Madhubani district of Bihar state of India, the bid for the bridegroom still applies. It is said that here there is a vegetable, fruit or ration mandi. Similarly, there is a market for groom.

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Here the people of this village are called the fair of the grooms. People also know this fair by the name of the gathering. This fair is of Mathithal Brahmins.

Here, people marry by selecting the appropriate groom for their daughters. And it is also said that there is also the deal of groom according to merit.
This fair can last for nine days. It has been said that the role of the pankees in this fair is most important here. The relationship between the father side and the 7th generation of the Nanihal side is seen in the registration.

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This fair has been running for almost 700 years. Here, about 1.5 lakh people came to the marriage in 1971. But now the number is reduced.
Is called. The main purpose of this fair is to prevent dowry practices. In this case, that was the beginning of the King Hari Singh Dev.