Shocking! This Indonesia boy weighs 200 kg, here’s the reason..


This 10-yr old boy has 200 kg weight. Do you know why? This child loves to eat fast food. Even after knowing its bad effects, everybody consume fast food twice or thrice in a week. Sometimes it provides harmful effect to health, as you can see it here.

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This obese child has such a huge weight because he consumes noodles and cola a lot. Now, he has been facing surgeries due to increasing weight.

He has been found as Arya Mosaic, living in Indonesia. He prefers to eat noodles, rice and fish. Arya’s parents are farmers by profession. He says that even after eating throughout the day, his craving for food never gets reduced. The family took Arya to the doctor, where the doctors advised that he should quit eating noodles, fish and rice. Doctors gave Arya many health related medicines, but there was no change in the weight of the child.

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At the end, the doctors did the surgery of the Arya Mosaic. Even after surgery, the weight of Arya could be reduced to only 16 kg. At the same time, doctors claim that the size of Arya’s stomach has been reduced by 85 percent. Arya’s mother Rakayya says that her son is not able to attend school due to lack of clothes. He is sitting in a bathtub in the house. There are also no clothes for his size.